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Finding Rest

I am constantly looking for tips and tricks to be more efficient.  I recently discovered an app that allows me to organize my “To Do List” by categories.  The app even has a challenge to complete a set number of tasks each day. When I first started using the app, I was excited.  I had categories for work, home, family, shopping, and travel.  I wrote down all of the items I needed to do and assigned due dates.  After the first week, I was going strong.  I either checked off an item as complete (that is the most amazing feeling in the world – to cross an item off of a to do list), or I changed the due date to give me more time. Fast forward a few weeks to this moment.  I now have 33 uncompleted items on my personal list.  I have even more items that need to be completed on my work list.  When I look at the list, I feel my heartbeat race, and I feel the crushing weight of anxiety in my chest.  The app that was supposed to help me feel more organized and efficient has become another item…