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New Year, New You

If there was a Scrooge for New Year’s Day, it would be me. My hate of New Year’s Day has been a long standing hate that grows deeper with each passing year. It is as if I have selective amnesia when the calendar flips to January 1. No matter how bad the previous year was, I, like everyone else, charge into the year with wide eyed anticipation. I relish the promise of a fresh start. I am ready to leave all of my old problems, quirks, pain, and insecurity behind as I burst forth into a new, fresh life. However, my excitement usually begins to waiver around the third week of January. That is when disappointment and frustration creep in as I slowly realize that no matter how much determination and resolve I have, a new day does not mean that I miraculously transform into a new me. Determination and grit may temporarily camouflage my bad habits and insecurities, but I know that beneath the surface, the old me remains. Why are New Year’s Resolutions so hard to keep? If I am truly committed…