The Face of Hope

This is the face of hope. This is the face of a girl that is one step closer to achieving her dreams. This is the face of a girl that will be able to attend school every day for the next year even when she has her monthly cycle. This is the face of a girl with dreams, talent, and passion. This is the face of a young woman that has the potential to change her world.

This girl received a hygiene kit in February. I know because I was in Uganda when we gave her the kit. I took this picture. I talked to her. I told her that she is valuable and that she is loved.

Each of you that gave to the holiday hygiene drive helped me deliver that kit and deliver that message. You were each a part of something so much bigger than you can imagine. Collectively, WE made a difference in hundreds of lives.

This year, we need to buy more kits to ensure that this face and others like her continue to have hope. For just $17, you can be a part of something amazing. You can empower young girls and let them know that someone cares. Your gift will send a message that we believe in these girls. We can let them know that they matter. We can make sure they understand that they have a future. You can be a part of spreading the message of hope.

If you are interested in helping, just click on this link.


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