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This beautiful girl lives in Gulu, Uganda. She dreams of being an attorney. However, the odds are stacked against her - she lives in an area of poverty, she attends a school with 1000 students and only 24 staff, and she has no parents. However, she has hope. Because many of you donated to the Hygiene Drive last year, this young lady received a hygiene kit.

For only $17, you can provide a hygiene kit for girls all over Uganda. In Uganda, girls do not have ready access to hygiene supplies when they have their monthly cycles. Often, girls miss school when they have their cycles because they have no supplies and cannot afford to ruin their only school uniform.

You can be a part of something bigger. You can bring a girl hope. You can empower a girl. You can show her that she matters. Your donation will let her know, "I see you. I care. I believe in you. You have a future." #FoDUganda#girlempowerment
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In Uganda, girls face unique challenges as they strive to achieve their dreams. Did you know many Ugandan girls miss up to 20% of school because they don't have the necessary sanitary supplies for their monthly cycles? Fields of Dreams Uganda strives to ensure that no girl falls behind in the classroom or on the field by equipping each of the mature girls in our nine partner schools with a hygiene kit.

Fields of Dreams Uganda purchases these hygiene kits from AFRIpads, a local Ugandan social enterprise -- employed by a workforce that is 90% women -- that creates cloth pads/hygiene kits which are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and sustainable (for up to one year). It is the hope of our organization to distribute more than 2,500 hygiene kits during the 2017 calendar year. We will distribute these kits at our nine partner schools, through friendly matches in the communities we operate, and through a Hope Cup Soccer Tournament that is open to any teams throughout Uganda.

During the distribution of our hygiene kits, our Ugandan staff have seen multiple changes on our partner campuses. The attendance rates have improved on our partner campuses (at Bungatira Primary School alone, 100 girls returned to school because of these life-changing kits), the cleanliness of the dormitories and school grounds has increased, the school drop-out rates have decreased, the hygiene kits have opened up conversations about other health topics on the campuses and have helped to build trust between our Ugandan staff and the girls that we are serving.

While distributing these life-changing hygiene kits, the girls  also attend girl empowerment workshops on character, self-defense training, sexual assault prevention, and anti-trafficking education. The courage of these young girls has also helped spearhead a character and integrity training for the young men at our partner schools to stop any future perpetrators and create a more comfortable and safe learning environment for these future leaders of Uganda.

Fields of Dreams Uganda is proud to have been awarded the 2014 International Sport for Health Award by Beyond Sport for its Girl Empowerment Program.

> click for largerWhat's in the kit?

At just $17 the purchase of a hygiene kit ensures that each girl can attend classes and train on the soccer field by equipping them with the following:
5 washable, durable pads
2 pad storage bags
2 large bars of soap
1 wash basin
1 drying rack
3 pair of underwear
1 storage bag
... and most importantly, a new sense of dignity and self-respect!

Kit distribution:

Laroo Primary School (Northern Region) = 270 kits needed
Pageya Primary School (Northern Region) = 205 kits needed
Koro Primary School (Northern Region) = 160 kits needed
Gulu PTC Demonstration Primary School (Northern Region) = 180 kits needed
Bungatira Primary School (Northern Region) = 280 kits needed
Wakiso Children’s School of Hope (Central Region) = 160 kits needed
New Kabaale Busega (Central Region) = 135 kits needed
Humble United Methodist School (Central Region) = 125 kits needed
St. Kazito Primary School (Central Region) = 125 kits needed
Service Matches (community outreach) = 600
Our recent Dresses for Dreams 5K Event went a long way to meet our current hygiene kit goals for 2017, but we won’t stop on behalf of the brave girls in Uganda. The Dresses for Dreams race had more than 550 runners/walkers worldwide  helping us provide over 1,100 kits throughout Uganda. Through research of our own, and other recently published studies we are learning that although hygiene kits are a huge part of providing a solution for these young girls, it is not enough. Education on issues of menstruation for both schools and students alike, and changing rooms where these girls can care for their needs are also an additional need at all of our partner schools. Any extra funds raised through our Holiday Hygiene Drive will assist the construction of changing rooms, and the continuation of our quality educational and soccer programming for this brave generation.


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