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Never Good Enough

I recently started a new Bible study.  To get things started, we had ice breaker questions.  Each woman was asked to tell us one thing they are struggling with.  As I read the replies, my heart ached.  I kept thinking, "Me too!"  
Each mom wrote about their struggle with perfection.  One mom was struggling with being the perfect pastor's wife and mom.  Another woman was struggling with being the perfect  employee at a demanding job.  Another mom was struggling with balance - she wanted to be an amazing mom, an amazing employee, and an amazing wife, but something was always suffering.  
As I read, I could almost see theunbearable weightof: 
 I am striving for perfection, but I always fall short
                                                  Even my best is never good enough
        I am trying so hard to be good enough
I am doing everything I can for everyone, but my everything is never enough
Beneath the drive for perfection and the desire to please is an even deeper need.  …

Contributor to My Big Jesus

I am so excited that some of my posts are now being featured on the blog, My Big Jesus.  If you found through the My Big Jesus blog, I hope you take some time to look around and read my posts.  Thanks so much for visiting!

The God of Multiplication

This weekend, I had the honor of attending our annual Fields of Dreams Uganda board meeting.  Every time a board member mentioned a child or staff member that I know in Uganda, my heart longed to return.  However, a few things prevent me from returning at this time - I have no more vacation days, I have family responsibilities, and I have work obligations.   
Because I cannot return to Uganda, I am discouraged.  Each time I look on Facebook, I see friends that are saving children from human trafficking, I see people that are doing amazing projects to impact their community, and I see people who are bringing world change.   This makes my heart ache because my passion is to help others - to empower girls, to love children.  
When I am on a short term trip, I am able to live this passion every day; however, when I am home, living my day to day life, I often wonder what I am really doing to change my small world.   
We often mistakenly believe that the only impact we have on the world is t…

Bringing Justice To An Unjust World

A few years ago, I was interviewed for an article for WFU School of Law.  I was asked what fueled my desire to be an attorney.  I shared that I always wanted justice and fairness, even as a child.  My most frequently uttered statement was, "that's not fair."
As an adult, this deep desire for justice is still a primary driving force in my life.  Becuase my need for justice and fairness is so engrained in every aspect of my personality, it is often overwhelming to live in a world where injustice seems to prevail.
It is easy to become overwhelmed by the unfairness and injustice we see daily.  How can you fight for justice in a world where children are physically and emotionally abused, people are still victims of human trafficking, and many people are forced to live in poverty?  When I watch these events unfold, my heart screams for my idea of justice - I want the perpetrators of the crimes to be punished - there must be consequences.  But what happens when the individuals wh…