Solitude - Art and Emotion

I love to take pictures, but I know that I am not a professional photographer.  I've never taken a photography class.  I take pictures for fun.  In some ways, I feel like a photography class would ruin the fun for me.  I am such a perfectionist that if I learn there is a "right way" to take pictures, I will feel compelled to take perfect pictures. So for now, I just use my camera to capture the moment when I see something beautiful.  I learn by trial and error. 

I recently told a group of kids something about art that I am trying to believe myself.

At my kids' school, I volunteer to teach art (I can barely draw a stick figure - luckily the curriculum we use is so good that my lack of artistic ability is not a problem).  In the first lesson this year, I told the kids that I did not want them to get frustrated if they thought their art was not as good as their classmates.  I told them that art is not good or bad.  Art is about how you feel - how you feel when you create it, how you feel when you look at it.  I told them that they can like someone's art or they can dislike it, but we will not say art is good or bad - we will recognize that art just "is." 

As a part of this blog, I've decided to share some photos that convey emotion because sometimes words are not enough.  I suppose this is allowing me to be "free to be creative."   

Solitude.  Desolate. Beautiful.   

Pilot Mountain, NC 2016


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